About us

Bassano Collection Group, a dynamic, creative enterprise, was established twenty-five years ago in Bassano del Grappa, a town that has played an important role in Italian history and boasts a rich heritage, architecture and culture. The town’s most famous monument, the “Old Bridge”, has been incorporated into the company’s logo and identity, which embodies the best of that Italian-crafted quality renowned right across the globe. The successes Bassano Collection Group in the world has achieved over the years provide the driving force to pursue an ambitious expansion policy, and today the Group exports to over fifty countries across five continents. This carefully targeted growth strategy has positioned Bassano Collection Group at the forefront of the SILVER FASHION JEWELLERY sector, with distributors in all the major world markets.
The Bassano Collection Group brand name is acknowledged worldwide for the superior quality of its products and for its professional, customer-orientated service.
The headquarters are located in Italy, where the company produces basic chains and a large collection of fancy jewels.